About Me



I have always loved to adventure, to seek out new experiences and places. I love the perspective it can bring to life at home.


I am a very amateur photographer. My philosophy has always been that I will get lucky every once in a while.


I think a lot about life. I have journal regularly, this site is an extension of that.


I am a practicing family physician with interests in emergency and wilderness medicine.


I have too many thoughts on politics, brace yourself.


I hesitate about what to write here.  Truly, I believe in Jesus Christ, and am a Christian in that sense. However, I am wary of some forms of modern Christianity because I think scripture has a tendency to be distorted by people, time and our culture. I strive to live a life modeled after spiritual revolutionaries and intellectuals like C.S. Lewis, Mother Theresa, Shane Claiborne and Jesus(!).

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