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Recovering in Tanzania!

A journey to Tanzania after 2 months in the Congo was just what the doctor ordered! A time to explore an utterly beautiful place and reflect on my experiences. Enjoy some photos from our trip!

I leave with relief and reluctance.

“My time in the Congo remains an enigma for me. I can’t make heads or tails of it. It was a time of extremes.”

Only in the Congo!

Living in the Republic of Congo can be incredibly frustrating and beautiful at the same time!

A day in the life of an average hospital patient…in the Congo!

I am working as a physician in Impfondo, Republic of Congo! Here are some stories from patients I have seen along the way!

A day in the life of a doctor…in the Congo.

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a doctor in Central Africa look like? Well you came to the right place!

To the Congo (but stuck on the runway)!

Our travel woes and thoughts on evangelical mission work!

We will be traveling to a remote hospital in the Congo!

We will be serving at the Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Congo, follow us on our journey!

Homeless in Nepal!

The loveliest people and mountains are found in Nepal. My wife and I were recently privileged enough to make a 4 week trip to this amazing country. Here are seven highlights of being homeless in Nepal!

The town Canada forgot.

There was a physician shortage so I ventured up to La Loche. A town near the end of the road in Northern Saskatchewan that was put on the map by a deadly school shooting in 2016. What I found was a city still in pain.

Voices of La Loche.

Quotes from the people of La Loche. A small, forgotten town in NW Saskatchewan that suffers from high suicide rates and a school shooting in 2016. I worked there for 2 weeks and was taken aback by the things I saw and heard. I felt I needed to share their stories.

Our First Urban Hike! (Saskatoon)

Urban hiking at its finest. We set off for a long hike through the city we love, Saskatoon!

To Haida Gwaii.

Our amazing trip to this ancient island.